Sohn, born Christopher Michael Taylor born in London, England is a British singer and songwriter that began his musical journey at the age of six when he walked around the house always singing. He began his musical career in 2005 with the creation of the four member rock alternative rock band, Trouble Over Tokyo.

Trouble Over Tokyo formed in 2004 and began to tour on the London Indie rock circuit. The band dissolved before the release of their debut album and Christopher changed the concept of the group into just himself focusing on electronic music. He released his debut album 1000 under Tokyotron Records. In 2007 he released his second album, Pyramides, through Schoenwetter Records. Before dissolving the project Trouble Over Tokyo, Chris released a final EP in 2012 called Simplify.

In 2010 Christopher released two singles under his new moniker Sohn called “Warnings” and “Oscillate.”  In 2012 he released his first EP under his new name called The Wheel. In 2014 he signed to the label 4D and released his debut album Tremors. The album peaked at number 31 on the UK Album Charts. In 2017 Sohn released his follow up album called Rennen. The album peaked at number 96 on the UK Album Charts.