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Pat Mahoney

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Pat Mahoney started out as a drummer of the band LCD Soundsystem. LCD Soundsystem was founded by musician James Murphy and joined by numerous others, including Mahoney. The band signed with both Columbia Records and DFA.

LCD Soundsystems received a nomination for the Best Electronic/Dance Album at the 2007 Grammy Awards. Their album Sound of Silver was also named the top album by other prominent sources such as Uncut and The Guardian. The album also was nominated for the 2007 Shortlist Prize. Mahoney and the band were also recognized in Time Magazine when it designated their song, Every one of My Friends, as the fourth best song of 2007. Their 2008 single Huge Ideas also topped charts, including the Rolling Stone’s top songs list.

The band dismantled in 2014 and Mahoney went on to start another band. He and some of the others in LCD Soundsystems, however, reunited in 2015 to make more music and appear at several top festivals, including headlining at 2016’s Coachella and Lollapalooza festivals. They have continued to work on another album together.

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