Liz Bonnin

Elizabeth Bonnin was born on September 16, 1972 in Paris, France. Initially, she joined an Irish pop band called Chill, but they broke up before they could make it far. She started her television career by working at RTE Television, where she got the opportunity to host the IRMA Awards in Ireland. In 2002, she landed a role as a television presenter on the morning show titled RISE on the popular Channel 4. Bonnin has loved animals since she was young, even getting her college degree in it, so it is fitting that she went on to star in and present science-related works, such as Gadgets (2005) and Bang Goes the Theory (2009 – 2014). She also created a 2015 documentary titled Animals in Love, which focused on the emotions of animals including alligators and monkeys. In 2017, she began presenting alongside Steve Back on the show Galapagos, which focuses on islands and nature.