Lily Rabe

Lily Rabe is an American actress born in New York City, New York on June 29, 1982. She is best known for her multiple roles in the television show American Horror Story and for her role in the show The Whispers. In 2001 she made her debut in film in the movie Never Again and continued landing roles in the films Mona Lisa Smile, What Just Happened, All Good Things, Pawn Sacrifice, The Veil, Miss Stevens, Golden Exits, Vice, Fracture and more. She made her debut in theater in 2002 in the plays Speaking Well of the Dead and The Crazy Girl. She has since had roles in productions of Colder Than Here, Heartbreak House, The American Plan, Seminar, A Doll’s House, As You Like It, Miss Julie, Much Ado About Nothing, Steel Magnolias and others. In 2005 she made her television debut in the show Law & Order: Criminal Intent and has also had roles in the shows Medium, Law & Order, The Good Wife, American Horror Story, The Whispers, Saving Grace, The Wizards of Lies, Legion, The Walker, Tell Me Your Secrets, The Undoing and more. Throughout her career she has been nominated for several awards and in 2016 won a SXSW Film Festival Award for her role in the film Miss Stevens.