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Laurent Garnier

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Born on February 1, 1966, in Boulogne-sur-Seine, France, DJ Laurent Garnier has built up a large following in the Detroit techno scene. His passion for DJ-ing was cultivated at a young age, and he is said to have adorned his bedroom as a boy with colorful lights and a disco ball. Garnier became active in the Parisian dance club scene in the 1980s, continuing his dream of making people dance. He moved to Manchester in 1986, where he was introduced to the growing house music scene. Laurent Garnier took what he learned back to France with him, earning himself a spot as the lead DJ in the Paris Rex Club for three years.

Laurent Garnier released his debut album Shot in the Dark in 1995, followed by the album 30 in 1997, which featured one of his most popular singles “Crispy Bacon”. Unreasonable Behaviour came in 2000, then The Cloud Making Machine in 2005, the live album Public Outburst in 2007, and Tales of a Kleptomaniac in 2009. When he is not DJ-ing, Garnier is known to be a successful song writer for films and for French television shows.

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