Laina Morris

Laina Morris

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Laina Kathleen Morris was born on June 22, 1991 in Denton, Texas. In 2012, the social media star stared in a video called “JB Fanvideo” which she posted on YouTube. The popular video went viral worldwide. The video received over 170,000 views the first day it appeared on Reddit. The infamous video created the meme “The Overly Attached Girlfriend” showing a screenshot of the infamous crazy look Laina gives in the video. The meme is as popular as the video and was also shared worldwide.

The social media star took her fame beyond social media and starred in various commercials by Samsung, RealPlayer Cloud, and Laina has appeared in the movie Table Top (2012) and 2016 documentary The Meme Machine: What Happens When the Internet Chooses You.

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