La Trakalosa de Monterrey

La Trakalosa de Monterrey


Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey is an ensemble which was founded by Luna and formed in 2010.

Under the ensemble, the singles Dos Monedas and Me Falta un Corazon were released as a single in 2016. The next year, La Herencia, Un Aplauso, Experto Mentiroso, and Broche de Oro followed. The album 10+10 which contains 10 songs including “Mi Padrino el Diablo” was also released in 2017.

The song Un Aplauso peaked at No. 25 of the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Chart in 2017. Another track Fijate Que Si which was released on April 2018, peaked at No. 42. In the same year, they released Mi Sangre Norteña which contains five tracks including Se Va a Arrepentir. The latest release from Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa de Monterrey is Me Hiciste un Borracho, an album containing 10 tracks.

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