Gary Numan

Gary Numan, born Gary Anthony James Webb on March the 8th 1958 in Hammersmith, London is an English record producer, singer, songwriter, musician and composer. Coming to prominence in the music industry as the lead singer of  the new wave band Tubeway Army. In 1979, Nunan went solo with his debut solo album The Pleasure Principle in 1979.

Maintaining a large cult following, his sound is known to consist of heavy synthesizer hooks, guitar effects pedals and is considered a pioneer of electronic music. With twenty studio albums released thus far, his latest album Savage (Songs from a Broken World) has seen great success so far. Some of his best-known singles are Cars and Are ‘Friends Electric? The artist has won an Ivor Novello Award and an award from the British Academy of Songwriters Composers and Authors, to name a few.