Frontliner, born Barry Drooger on May 24th, 1984 in Amsterdam, Netherlands is a Dutch DJ.  He specializes in the electronic music genre of hardstyle. He started producing music in 2005 under the moniker Abject. In 2006 he, along with Headhunterz, produced the project Willem Rebergen.  The music project spawned the tracks “Scantraxx Rootz” and “End of my Existence” which received international critical acclaim. In 2008 he changed his moniker to Frontliner. That same year he released three EPs entitled Self Deprication, Spacer/Warphole, Tuuduu/ Rock That Thing.  In 2009 Frontiler released 4 more EPs entitled The First Cut, Sunblast, Time, and Outside World. Frontlier has DJ’ed at major hard style dance parties including Defqon 1, Decibel Outdoor, Qlimax, Reverze, and In Qontrol. In 2010 he released the single “Magic” featuring B-Front. In 2012 Frontliner released his Keep It Up EP. 2014 and 2015 brought a two part EP project from Frontliner entitled The Summer of Frontliner and The Summer of Frontliner 2.