Erika Lust

Erika Lust

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Erika Lust was born as Erika Hallqvist in 1977. She has been working as the writer and the director of the xConfessions projects. The first installment for the project was released in 2013. Volume 12 was released on 2018.

Her earliest work as an erotic director was for the video short The Good Girl and Five Hot Stories for Her. She went on to write and direct Handcuffs, Life Love Lust, and Cabaret Desire. In 2018, she also produced the shorts Intruders, Scotch Egg, and Valentin, Pierre & Catalina.

Aside from her career in adult films, she also released a series of books. Some of her works include Love me Like You Hate Me: Lessons in Pleasure and Pain and Good Porn: A Woman’s Guide. Both books were published in 2010.

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