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Amy Lee

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Amy Lee is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer who is bursting with creativity. She’s perhaps best known as the frontwoman for the alternative rock band Evanescence, which has already won multiple awards including Kerrang!, Grammy, World Music, MTV Australia, and others. Evanescence albums have also sold multi-platinum and charted in the single digits worldwide.

But even without Evanescence, Amy Lee would still be busy. She’s also composed film scores for films such as “War Story” (2014) and “Indigo Grey: The Passage” (2015), and even singles from her band, such as “Bring Me to Life” (2003) is a frequent staple in TV show soundtracks. She cites influences ranging from Danny Elfman to Tori Amos. She’s also participated in side projects such as Walt Disney Records’ “Nightmare Revisited” and “Muppets: The Green Album.”

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