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Allison Janney

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Allison Janney, born Allison Brooks Janney on November the 19th 1959 in Boston and is an American actress. Starting a career in 1984, she has thus far received accolades such as an Academy Award, seven Emmy Awards, secen Screen Actors Guild Awards and six Critics’ Choice Awards to name a few.

The actress’ breakthrough came when she played C.L. Cregg in The West Wing and then went on to work in the television series Masters of Sex, Janney currently portrays Bonnie in the sitcom, Mom. Appearing in films such as Dead Funny and Heading Home in the 1990’s, she has more recently appeared in Tallulah as Margo Mooney, the thriller, The Girl on the Train alongside Emily Blunt as Detective Riley and has received many accolades for her most recent work in the biopic I, Tonya where she portrayed LaVona Golden beside Margot Robbie.

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