Alejandro Bravo Yañez

Alejandro Bravo Yanez is a YouTube gamer that goes by the username Alexby11. He was born in Spain on May 21, 1993. He posts videos of his gameplays, tutorials, and vlogs of his daily life and is known for posting gameplays of a range of different games. Yanez started his first channel in 2010 named ZFirexX but abandoned it due to a strike on the account. He created the channel he uses now in 2011 and named it Alexby11 because Alex is short for Alejandro, By are the initials of his last names, and 11 is his jersey number when he played football in school. Yanez has a following on Youtube of over 7.4 million subscribers, over 4.6 million followers on Twitter, and 2 million followers on Instagram. In 2015 he published the book Salseo Gamer with fellow Spanish YouTube gamers Mangel and Cheeto.