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Wonder Villains

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Wonder Villains is a group with four members whom all come from Londonderry, Northern Island. The members of the group include Eimear Coyle, Kieran Eimear, Cheylene Murphy, and Ryan McGroarty. The Coyle siblings used to be part of separate bands but they eventually ended working together. Wonder Villains has been playing as a group since 2009.

Wonder Villains released the single Ferrari in 2012. This was followed by the EP TV which contains four songs, specifically, TV, Explode, Chiller Whale, and Rapid. The following year, they released the singles 33 and Blonde while 2014 saw the release of the single Marshall. In the same year, Wonder Villains released the album Rocky which contains 12 tracks including Zola, Baby Don’t Look so Sad, Golden Five, and Oh Peter.

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