Voz De Mando

Voz De Mando


Voz de Mando is a Latin band from Los Angeles, home to one of the largest concentrations of Hispanics in the United States. Their line-up consists of brothers Jorge Gaxiola (accordion, vocals) and Miguel Gaxiola (bajo sexto, vocals), plus Domingo Bolaños “El Mingo” (tuba), and Carlos Sígala “Charly” (drums). After releasing a couple self-produced albums in 2009, they signed to Disa Records for their first major label album release, “Con la Nueva Federacion” (2010).

For Voz de Mando, their breakout hit was “”Comandos del M.P. (500 Balazos),” charting in the top-10 on Billboard charts. Band member Miguel Gaxiola has since launched his own brand of custom-made guitars. The band has also appeared in the TV series “Ruta 35,” and the show used their single “Compadre No Rajes” as its theme.

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