TOY is a rock band formed in 2010 in Brighton, East Sussex, England. Members of the group include Maxim Barron, Tom Dougall, Dominic O’Dair, Max Oscarnold, and Charlie Salvidge. In 2011, TOY released the single “Left Myself Behind.” By the next year, the group released two more singles “Lose My Way” and “Motoring.”

The group’s self-titled debut album includes the singles “Motoring” and “My Heart Skips a Beat.” In 2016, they released another album Clearshot includes “Dream Orchestrator,” “Another Dimension,” and eight other tracks. Later in the year, they release the Spellbound EP.

The group released another album Happy in the Hollow in January 2019 which includes the tracks “You Make Me Forget Myself,” “Sequence One,” “Last Warmth of the Day,” and Mechanism.