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Starlito, born Jermaine Eric Shute on December the 15th 1984 in Nashville, Tennessee is an American rapper, formerly known as All $tar Cashville Prince. With a career that began in 2005, he is signed with Grinding Hard and Cash Money Records, his career took off with his song Grey Goose, a hit song that featured Young Jeezy and Yo Gotti. He then followed up his initial success with the hit Champagne Crazy, featuring Lil Wayne.

Releasing a steady stream of music since 2005, the artist is a regular o the US charts and has released over twenty albums so far, including the more recent GhettOut: Funerals & Court Dates 2, Hot Chicken and Insomnia Addict. His latest single, featuring Don Trip is GYABag and has seen immense success so far.

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