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Spike Jonze

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Spike Jonze was born on Rockville Maryland on October 22, 1969. His earliest directing projects were video shorts such as Video Days (1991), Wax: Hush (1992), X: Country at War (1993). In 2000, he served as the executive producer for the tv series Jackass and the documentary Jackass: The Movie. He was also involved in other Jackass projects in the following years.

In 2016, he produced the TV documentary Gaycation, Flophouse, Terror, Abandoned, Cyberwar, Payday, and Black Market with Michael K. Williams. The next year, he worked on Party Legends, Huang’s World, Nuts & Bolts, The Last Shot, Most Expensivest, and Fubar Age of Computer. His 2018 producing projects include Nivanna and the Band the Show, My House, It’s Suppertime!, Post Radical, and Tattoo Age.

In 2014, he won an Oscar for Best Writing for the Original Screenplay Her. The movie also won a Golden Globe for Best Screenplay – Motion Picture.

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