Raulin Rodriguez

Raulin Rodriguez

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Raulín Rodríguez was born on June 16, 1971 in Santa María de Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic. He is a bachata artist also known by another name, El Cacique. Rodriguez was one of the first successful and famous bachata music artists from the Dominican Republic.

When he was young, Rodríguez played on tour with Antony Santos as a guitarist. When he was older, he decided he wanted to create his own band with his own musical style. He released international hit songs such as Nereyda, Medicina de Amor, and Soledad. Since 1993, he has released over 18 albums including Medicine de Amor (1995), El Amor Da Vida (1996), Me la Pusieron Difícil (1997), Sin Fortuna (2000), A Dónde Iré Sin Ti (2006), Llámame (2010) and others.

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