Ramon Ayala

Ramon Ayala


Ramon Ayala, born Ramon Covarrubias Garza on December 8th, 1945 in Reynosa Tamaulipas, Mexico is a Mexican musician, songwriter, composer and accordion player. Ramon plays in the genres of norteno, corrido, conjunto, and tejano. He is considered a legend in the genre of norteno. Ramon began learning to play  the accordion at the age of 5 and began to perform at local cantinas on the weekend with his father.

Ramon spent much of his early musical career wandering from cantinat to cantina looking for paying work that wasn’t always musical. He joined up with 2 other musicians and started the group Relampagos del Norte. In 1963 they recorded a track for the label Falcon Records but gained little exposure. In the same year the group recorded a song for Bego Records called “Ya No Llores.” This song propelled them into the spotlight and was featured on their debut album called Relampagos del Norte.

After the death of one of his band mates, Ramon rebranded himself and his band as Los Bravos Del Norte. He then signed a deal with the label Marsol Records. Him and the band released multiple records up to 1992. Ramon Ayala has received 4 Grammy Awards for his contributions to norteno music.

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