Priests are a punk rock band focused on protest music and social and political issues. Their line-up is Katie Alice Greer (vocals), Daniele Daniele (drums), Taylor Mulitz (bass), and GL Jaguar (guitar). None of the four had had prior music experience; however, they’ve since shared members with D.C. punk band Chain & the Gang. After some self-produced singles, their EP “Bodies and Control and Money and Power” was produced with the aid of Hugh McElroy of the band Black Eyes.

Priests didn’t let these sketchy beginnings hold them back. Their debut album “Nothing Feels Natural” (2017) received widespread acclaim, with #25 on Pitchfork magazine’s “The 50 Best Albums of 2017,” #10 on Newsweek magazine’s “The 17 Best Albums Of 2017,” and #25 on Billboard’s “50 Best Albums of 2017.”

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