Peter Gelderblom

Peter Gelderblom was born on September 27, 1965, in Gouda, Netherlands. He worked in Rotterdam as a DJ in his early years and he made his breakthrough with the release of “Strike Me Down” which was released with Rene Amesz and Wally Lopez in 2006. The said track made it to No. 13 of the Spanish charts. The following year, he released “Waiting 4” which charted in the UK, Netherlands, and Spain. He released more tracks in the following years which charted in the Netherlands including “Snap” with Rene Amesz, “Feelin 4 You” with DJ Chus, and “Lost.” In 2014, he released the single “Good to be Good” with Randy Colle. Aside from releasing singles Gelderblom also released several remixes. In 2019, Gelderblom released the single “The Truth.”