Pacific Dub

Pacific Dub is a band which is made up of Colton Place, Nathan Ueda, Bryce Klemer, and David Delaney. The group is based on Huntington Beach, California. The group released Fire Eye in 20019. The said release contains 10 tracks including the title single featuring Toko Tasi and Doug Means, “Utica” and “Til the End.” This was followed by the 12-track album Tightrope which includes the songs “Wasted” and “Find a Way.” In 2018, they came up with another album, Guide You Home, which contains the tracks “Don’t Tell Me” featuring Andy Chaves and “Fly Away” featuring Bret Bollinger and the single “Reaching.” In 2019, they released the EP Riptide which contains four tracks including the title single, “The Only Thing,” “I’ll Be There” and “In My Head.”