Ozomatli are an American zsx piece Latin band formed in 1995 in Los Angeles and consists of members, Wil-Dog Abers, Raul Pacheco, Justin ‘El Nino’ Poree, Asdrubal Sierra, Ulises Bella and Jiro Yamaguchi. The group is well known for their activist viewpoints and encompass a wide array of styles including salsa, reggae, rap and jazz to name a few.

With eight albums released from 1998 to 2017, the groups debut self titled album was a hit, and launched their careers,  some of their best known albums include, Street Signs, Fire Away and Non-Stop: Mexico to Jamaica. Well known for hit songs such as, Sueños en Realidad, Don’t Mess with the Dragon, Lo Que Dice, De Paisano a Paisano and Oye Mi Amor.

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