Nash Grier

Nash Grier

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Nash Grier was born on December 28, 1997 in Greensboro, North Carolina. His rise to fame began with the modest funny videos he posted on Vine while still a freshman at Davidson Day School. Between 2013 and 2014, Nash joined Magcon which gave him the opportunity to tour the United States and meet some of his fans. He quit the group in late 2014 and moved to Los Angeles to build his career.

In L.A., Nash put together a management team that helped him develop social and game apps as well as sell merchandise on his website. Nash has about 5 million followes on Twitter and another 4.7 million on YouTube. His Instagram account boasts more than 9 million followers. His successful brand has led to him being featured as a guest on shows like Good Morning America and The View.  He has score majored roles in films such as  You Got Me (Netflix 2017) and the TV series The Deleted (2016). He still regularly posts content on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms.

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