Nahko and Medicine for the People

Nahko and Medicine for the People


Nahko and Medicine for the People is a band fronted by Nahko Bear, who has taken on the visage of a native of the world, despite the American-native name. The whole group is a music collective, intended to present world beat music on a big stage. Current line-up is Chase Makai (guitar), Patricio Zuñiga Labarca (bass), Justin Chittams (drums), Max Ribner (trumpet), and Tim Snider (electric violin).

While the collective has released albums and charted some, it’s more about touring as a live performance. They are a staple of music festivals, including the Bali Spirit Festival (Indonesia), Byron Spirit Festival (Australia), California Roots Music and Arts Festival,  Firefly Music Festival, Summer Camp Music Festival, and the Winnipeg Folk Festival. They’ve also toured with artists such as Michael Franti, Trevor Hall, Xavier Rudd, and SOJA.

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