Monsieur NOV

Monsieur NOV


Monsieur NOV (also known as Mr. Nov, NOV, and Chinese Bald) is a French neo-soul R&B artist of Vietnamese birth whose sound is highly influenced by hip-hop and 90’s era American neo-soul. The letters in his name are an acronym for ‘New Original Vibe.’ The self-taught musician, singer, and songwriter was originally discovered in a 2005 Hip Hop/R&B contest, where he was signed with an independent label.

NOV released his debut album, ‘Groove Therapy’ in 2011, which featured the single “BCJC,” and stays very true to his neo soul roots. His most recent work, including the EP “Pure,” however, have taken a step towards a more traditional, modern R&B sound. More notable songs from NOV include “Trop Fresh,” “Laissez Nous Pluerer,” and “Laisse Moi.”

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