Michale Graves

Michale Graves

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Michale Graves was born in Dumont, New Jersey on March 21, 1975. He used to be the lead singer of the band Misfits. He also formed the Lost Boys with Dr. CHUD who played the drums. Later on, he formed another band, Graves, which released the album Web of Dharma. He released Punk Rock is dead in 2005, the next year, he dropped Return to Earth.

In 2013, he released Vagabond and The Lost Skeleton Returns. The next year, he released Supernatural and Wanderer. Graves released the album Bedlam in 2016 followed by Backroads in 2017 and The World Turned Upside Down in 2018. In 2019, he released Keys. Aside from releasing his own music, he is also a featured artist on No Buffer’s East Versus West and Zombiesuckers’ Endless Sleep.

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