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Melissa Benoist

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Melissa Benoist, born Melissa Marie Benoist on October the 4th 1988 in Colorado and is an American actress and singer. Makin her on screen debut in 2008 with the drama film Tennessee, she went on to have guest roles in television shows such as Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Blue Bloods, The Good Wide and Homeland,  during this time she held small roles in films such as Whiplash, Danny Collins and The Longest Ride.

Rising to prominence for playing Marley Rose in the Fox comedy drama Glee where she worked alongside talent such as Jane Lynch and Lea Michele. Going from this role to further success playing the titular character in the television show Supergirl, she has held this role for three seasons and appeared in television shows within the DC shared universe alongside Stephen Amell in Arrow and Grant Gustin in The Flash.

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