Mehmet Cengiz Öz (Doctor OZ)

Mehmet Cengiz Öz was born on June 11th, 1960 in Ohio and is better known as Doctor Oz, is a Turkish-American television personality, author, pseudoscience promoter, professor and cardiothoracic surgeon. Coming to mainstream knowledge with appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Larry King Live, the repeated appearances on the show led him to be offered his own show, the Dr. Oz Show in 2009.

With numerous awards held, his first was in 1996 with an award for the Turkish American of the Year and an incredible five Daytime Emmy Awards for his work on his own show. He has also been voted the Most Trusted Voice in Daytime Television. As an author, Oz has co-authored sic New York Times best-selling books thus far.