Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler

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Mark Knopfler was born as Mark Freuder Knopfler in Glasgow, Scotland on August 12, 1949. He was a member of the band Dire Straits. The band’s debut album included the track “Sultans of Swing.”

During the success of the band, Knopfler received an invite the album Slow Train Coming by Bob Dylan. He has also been involved in Willy DeVille, Aztec Camera, and Randy Newman’s albums. He also wrote Tina Turner’s hit song “Private Dancer.” He has also been involved in film score, the first of which was for Local Hero, a Scottish Comedy. He was also involved in the film score for The Princess Bride and Last Exit to Brooklyn.

He also released the album Tracker in 2015. In 2018, he released the album Down the Road Wherever.

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