Luke Cutforth

Luke Cutforth

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Luke Cutforth “LukeIsNotSexy” was born on April the 6th 1994 in Hertfordshire and is a British digital influencer, operating mainly on the video sharing platform, YouTube. Creating videos since the age of ten, and joining YouTube in 2006, crating his current channel in 2010, his subscriber count is currently sitting above half a million. With education from Tapton school he creates both vlogs and short films.

With videos that address topics such as Science, truth or dares, collaborations with other YouTubers and his mother, question and answers and comedy sketches, he has previously collaborated with Evan Edinger, Connie Glynn, Mark Ferris, Emma Blackery and Lucy Moon. The digital influencer aspires to be a filmmaker, currently gauging funding for his feature film, The Drowning Of Arthur Braxton.

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