Leftfield are a British electronic music group that specialize in the progressive house, electronica, trip hop, dub techno, and house genres. The group consists of Neil Barnes and Paul Daley who both hail from London, England. The group formed in the early 1990s and are described as being one of the most influential acts in the formation of British electronic music by Mixmag.

The duo met in 1989 to create the singles “Not Forgotten” and “More Than I Know” under the label Rhythm King. Leftfield underwent a period where they could not produce their own original music due to a dispute with Rhythm King, so the duo undertook remix work from React 2 Rhythm, ICP, Inner City, and Sunscreem. They produced two remixes for David Bowie’s single “Jump They Say.” Their rise to success as band came with the release of the single “Open Up” in 1995. ┬áThe duo then released their debut studio album called Leftism.

In 1999 Leftfield released their follow up album called Rhythm and Stealth. ┬áThe album featured performances from Roots Manuva, Afrika Bambaataam and MC Cheshire Cat. In 2015 the group released a new single called “Universal Everything.” The announcement was followed by the release of a full album in June 2015 called Alternative Light Source.

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