Leah Culver

Leah Culver is an American singer, songwriter, DJ, musician, and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. She got into the music scene in 2011. In 2015 she was featured in the Twofold song “Taken Back.” In 2016 she released her debut single titled “Ex is a Loser” and has since released the songs “Woman Up”, “Get Going”, “Rabbit Hole”, “Try Me”, “Fire Ants”, and “Slow Motion.” Culver released her debut EP in 2018 titled Demons EP. In 2019 she collaborated with Marc Ari and Baker Highland on the song “Looking Good.” She has been featured on Ultra Music Festival Radio, The Fresh New, iHeartRadio, Prototype Radio, Digitally Imported Radio, RUN DMT’s Kill Your Ego Podcast and more. Culver has played at the festivals and shows TomorrowWorld, Imagine Festival, Counterpoint, Magnetic, Impulse and others.