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L.A. Guns is famous today for being one of the two bands – the other one was Hollywood Rose – merged together to form the legendary Guns ‘n’ Roses. But it is still a band in its own right, and Axl Rose isn’t the only famous member its had. Former Faster Pussycat bassist Kelly Nickels, former W.A.S.P. drummer Steve Riley, and former Girl frontman Phil Lewis were all shifted back into the line-up, along with Mike Cripps, for a debut album courtesy of Polygram records.

That was what is known today as the “classic lineup” of L.A. Guns, a glam-rock hair metal band competing for space in a city and decade crammed with glam-rockers with hair, including Guns ‘n’ Roses, the glammiest and hairiest of them all. They still managed to squeeze out a few charting records for themselves, before the great metal apocalypse of the 1990s when metal bands were all but purged from popular music. They’re reunited in 2017 and released a new studio album, “The Missing Peace.” Maybe they’ll finally get their yet.

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