Kill The Buzz

Kill the Buzz is the stage name of Adithya Nanuru who was born in the Netherlands. In 2012, he released an original mix for Party Hard. The year after, he released the single shake followed by another single, Life Is Calling, in 2014. Also in the same year, he released two more singles, Go There and Rise Up.

In 2015, Kill the Buzz dropped Don’t Give Up featuring David Spekter and Dreamin. The following year, Galaxies featuring Katt Niall, Once Upon a Time, and All the Way Down featuring Jenson Vaughan was released. He went on to drop the B.A.S.E., Dirty Drums, and Still the One featuring Max Collins as singles. In 2018, he dropped the single Attack (Are You with Me) and 2-19 saw the release of the singles Know You featuring Lux and Shy Away.