Keane is an alternative rock band hailing from England, started by three childhood friends forming a band out of school, namely Tom Chaplin (vocals), Tim Rice-Oxley (piano), and Richard Hughes (drums). They were joined by Dominic Scott (guitar), previously from the band Lotus Eaters. They started as a cover band playing Oasis, Beatles, and U2 songs before turning to their own songs upon signing the Island Records label.

Keane’s debut album “Hopes and Fears” (2004) blew away the charts scoring top-40 around the world, selling multi-platinum in the UK, Ireland, and Norway. Their three subsequent albums “Under the Iron Sea” (2006), “Perfect Symmetry” (2008), and “Strangeland” (2012), have all been successful in charts and sales. They’ve opened for U2 on tour, with their melodic piano-led songs softening the alternative rock world.