Josh T. Pearson

Josh T. Pearson


Josh T. Pearson was born in Keller, Texas in 1974. The son of a Pentecostal pastor, he is perhaps best known for his early work with his short-lived band called Lift to Experience. The band only had one major album as they were only together a few years; the album was entitled “The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads” and was released in 1997. It would go on to gain immense popularity.

After the band broke up, Pearson toured the United States and the world, often performing at several All Tomorrow’s Parties Festivals in the United States and Europe. During a brief stint in Europe, he recorded a song in the United Kingdom entitled “To Hull and Back.” In the 2000s, he spent time in Berlin and Paris writing his own songs. He returned to the United States in 2009 where he regrouped with one of his old band members, Andy Young, to produce “My Bloody Valentine. His most recent work was a country album that came out in 2011, entitled “The Last of the Country Gentlemen.”

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