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Jim Jefferies

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Jim Jefferies was born on February 4th, 1977 in Perth, Australia. His birth name is Geoffrey James Nugent, the son of a maintenance worker and substitute teacher. While growing up in Sydney, Jim chose to study musical performance in Perth at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, a school also attended by celebrity Hugh Jackman. Initially intending to become an opera singer, the development of nodules in his vocal cords triggered a change in direction for Jim.

He moved to the United Kingdom and gained popularity as a stand up comedian in 2007, after being assaulted at the Manchester Comedy Store. His reputation grew after the release of his first HBO Special, I Swear to God (2009), and his own series Legit premiered in 2013 on FX and ran for two seasons. His Netflix special Freedumb was released in 2016, and since 2017 he has starred in his own weekly series The Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central, in addition to appearing on multiple podcast and standup festival platforms.

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