J Rocc

J. Rocc, born as Jason Jackson on October 31st, 1974 in Los Angeles, California is an internationally known DJ that was instrumental in creating California’s first turntable group, the Beat Junkies, and bringing international recognition to turntablism, turntable competition and battling and instrumental hip-hop.

J. Rocc began to DJ in 1985 with a group of DJ’s called PSK. He honed his skills and focused on the smooth, rhythmic transitions and the high energy vibe that now stand out in his music. He cites the influences of jazz artist John Coltrane and rap producers DJ Aladdin and Dr. Dre as the inspiration behind the music he makes. In 1992 he established the Beat Junkies DJ crew with DJ Babu and went on to showcase his talents in multiple DJ competitions, including the DMC (Disco Mix Club), the Supermen and the International Turntablist Federation competition. J. Rocc and the Beat Junkies won the International Turntablist Federation competition in both 1997 and 1998.

He further showcased his talents when he was recruited to exclusively produce a hip- hop compilation for Rawkus Records in 1999, called Sound Bombing 2, which featured the likes of rappers Mos Def and Common on the vocals. J. Rocc has gone on multiple DJ world tours, played numerous festivals and owns his own label and clothing line.