Helen Ochoa

Helen Ochoa was born in Fresno, California on Jan 8, 1985. She started singing when she was 8 years old. She joined the competition Objetivo Fama in Puerto Rico and she signed with Gerencia 360. Since 2010, she has been releasing singles such as “El Valor De Esta Mujer,” “Muchacha Taruga,” “El Minuto,” and “Para Que Quieres Volver.” Si Yo Fuera Un Chico which was released in May 2016 peaked at No. 11 of the Latin albums chart. Her 2017 EP De Mi Enamorate peaked on No. 25 of the Top Latin Albums chart when it was released in October of that year. The following year, she continued to release singles including De Mi Enamorate, Prohibido, Pierdeme el Respeto, and Descuido. In 2019, she appeared on Edwin Sandoval’s single “Dile.”