Granddaddy is an alternative band which was formed in Modesto, California in 1992. The group is made up of Aaron Burtch, Tim Dryden, Jim Fairchild, and Jason Lytle.

A Pretty Mess by This One Band, an EP, was released in 1996. This was followed by Under the Western Freeway, a full-length album, which was released a year later. One of the singles in the album, A.M. 180, was used for the tv series Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe as well as in the film 28 Days Later released in 2002. NME also named another single “Summer Here Kids” as the single of the week.

Other albums released by Granddaddy are Sumday, Concrete Dunes, Just Like the Fambly Cat and The Sophtware Slump. Their latest album, Last Place, was released in 2017.