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Geoff Tate

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Geoff Tate was born as Jeffrey Wayne Tate on January 14, 1959, in Stuttgart, West Germany and grew up in Tacoma, Washington. He was the winner of the “Voice in Progressive Heavy Metal” award from the Vegas Rocks! Magazine in 2012.

Tate was a member of Queensrÿche who is best known for the albums Empire and Operation: Mindcrime. Tate released a solo album in 2002, Geoff Tate. This was followed by another album, Kings & Thieves, a decade later. The album was released under InsideOut Music on November 2012. Aside from these projects, he was also the featured artist on Avantasia’s single “Alchemy” and Invincible which was both released in 2019 and included in the album Moonglow. He was also a featured artist in The Voodoos’ Facing My Demons single.

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