Flula Borg

Flula Borg, born on March 28th, 1982 in Erlangen, Germany is a German actor, musician, YouTube personality and DJ. Currently based out of Los Angeles, California, his DJ sets focus on the genres of electronic music, hip-hop, and rap. He began releasing his music on YouTube under his own channel. In 2011 he released the single called “Sweet Potato Casserole.” The song gained critical acclaim and was listed at number 3 on Billboard’s Next Big Sound Chart. In the same year he produced the single “Dirk Nowitzki, German Moses.” The song was released during the Dallas Maverick’s NBA Championship run that year and was picked up by ESPN and other sports television outlets as theme music for their broadcasts. In 2015 Flula released a five song EP entitled I Want To Touch You. In 2016 he released a full studio album called Animalbum.