Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari


Enter Shikari is a post-hardcore/alternative metal band from England, originally named Hybryd and then renamed in 2003. The line-up consists of Rou Reynolds (front man, lead vocals), Chris Batten (bass, vocals), Rob Rolfe (drums), Liam “Rory” Clewlow (lead guitar), and Adrian Dunn (trumpet), with Reynolds, Batten, and Rolfe the original crew and Clewlow and Dunn brought in in 2003. Their unique sound comes off as a mix of orchestra, electronica, and experimental rock. The band got its start playing gigs and selling self-released CDs, marketing through their own website. They stuck to Internet promotion through MySpace (a precursor to Facebook) and eventually founded their own record label, Ambush Reality.

Enter Shikari, despite their ad hoc bootstrap business philosophy, has enjoyed surprising success. Three out of five of their studio albums have been certified silver or gold in the UK, over a dozen of their singles have charted in the top ten in UK R&M and UK Indie charts, and they’ve released a bundle of music videos besides. They’ve also won five Kerrang! awards, three AIM awards, and one each of NME, BT Digital, Heavy Music awards, with many more nominations besides.

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