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Emma Thompson

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Emma Thompson was born on April the 15th 1959 in London and is a British actress and screenwriter. Considered one of Britain’s most acclaimed actress, she is known for portrayals of enigmatic, strong women, often in period pieces. Born to a performing family, her father is actor Eric Thompson, and her mother is actress Phyllida Law.  Starting a career in comedies with The Tall Guy in 1989, she collaborated frequently with Kenneth Branagh in the 1990’s with films such as Dead Again and Much Ado About Nothing.

With an Academy Award and BAFTA for her work in the 1992 period drama Howards End.  A highly acclaimed actress, she has won two Academy Awards out of five nominations and more recently has held roles in comedies such as Bridget Jones’ Baby and the comedy drama film The Meyerowitz Stories.

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