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Don Broco are an English rock band out of Bedford, England. The group came together in 2008 and includes the members Rob Damiani, Simon Delaney, Matt Donnelly, and Tom Doyle. Past membership includes the likes of Luke Rayner.  The band formed after attending university together. They began touring in 2008 and released two EP’s that year entitled Living the Dream and Thug Workout.

In 2011 Don Broco came out with their EP called Big Fat Smile. The next year the group released their debut album entitled Priorities on the Sony Entertainment music label. The album spawned the single “Actors.” In November of 2014 Don Broco released a new single called “Money Power Fame.” In August of 2015 they released their next studio album called Automatic.

In 2016 Don Broco released the single “Everybody.” The group also re-released their albums Priorities and Automatic into the U.S. market in preparation for their 2018 album Technology.

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