DIP Doundou Guiss

DIP Doundou Guiss


DIP Doundou Guiss otherwise known as Dominique Preira is a twenty- six-year-old Senegalese Hip Hop Artist, hailing from Dakar. Interested in rap from a young age, he drew inspiration from Positive Black Soul. In 2009 he began writing his own music, in 2011 he collaborated with his friend Swazi and founded the group Doundou Guiss, which translates to Live to Learn.

The duo signed to the label REP’TYLE MUSIC, where they’re first single Hors Nomale garnered widespread acclaim. They followed this success with the song Yakaroumi Ci Yen that was the track that made them a mainstream name in their native Senegal.  His last few tracks NLMD and Enemy Doundeul released in the end of 2017 was also highly successful and they have started reaching international fame.

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