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David Byrne is the musician best known as the front man for the band Talking Heads. As a child, Byrne was an immigrant to Canada and then the United States. He began playing instruments in high school and started his first band there called Revelation. Attending school in Providence, Rhode Island, he met fellow student Chris Frantz and they formed Talking Heads in 1975, later joined by bassist Tina Weymouth. Along with working with producer Brian Eno, Talking Heads had a career spanning three decades, with top charting singles world wide, multiple albums certified gold, silver, and platinum, and a prolific multi-media career including videos, film and TV appearances, most notably in the concert film “Stop Making Sense.” Their influence was seminal in creating the 1980s new wave sound, and producing the groups Tom Tom Club, Happy Mondays, and Ziggy Marley.

David Byrne and Talking Heads parted ways in 1991, and Byrne has since tended to a solo career and gone on to work in theater, film, and soundtracks, including AIDS charity benefit albums. He has shared a stage or collaborated with artists including 10,000 Maniacs, Devo, Paul Simon, the Brighton Port Authority, and Arcade Fire. Byrne is also known for outlandish artistic stunts such as turning an entire ferry terminal in Manhattan into a musical instrument by wiring it to a pipe organ and using it to play a song, and recently creating his own Internet radio station.

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