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Formed by Olle CornĂ©er and Stefan Engblom, the DJ duo Dada Life originated from Stockholm, Sweden, and became active on the DJ scene in 2006. They combined their love for pop and electronic music to form their unique sound, and are known to be silly yet highly entertaining performers. They released their single “The Great Fashionista Swindle” in 2006, which was followed by “The Great Smorgasbord” that same year and “Do the Dada” in 2007. In 2009, the duo released their debut album entitled Just Do the Dada, which featured songs such as “So You Wanna Be a Prankster?” and “Don’t Snort the Yellow Snow”. Shortly after, Dada Life embarked on a European tour, and later toured with Tiesto.

2011 saw their headlining of the Los Angeles Electric Daisy Festival, where they played songs released on their So Much Dada label. In 2012, the two released their sophomore album The Rules of Dada. The two have been recognized by DJ Magazine as the #89 most popular DJs out of 100 in 2010. That number eventually climbed to #24 in 2012.

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